UT is our destiny  

The history of {>DJ<} Clan

In 2002 I got my DSL connection and in april 2002 I thought about playing online.

On my pc I played as Ant - cause Ant is my nick in gaming since my childhood (on games you have had only 3 letters for highscores). After a while II put that GER in my name - cause I saw some players with their country codes in their names. So I played at Ant_GER or Ant(GER). The third server I joined on that days was the "pointless mayhem" server - cause I sorted all servers by "max player" and on pm where around 28/32 - so I joined them. I was not a good player, but I also was not the worst. And there were many ppl around who were very nice as person also as player.

And so I started to fell in love with pm. After a short time playing day by day on that servers (pm1 and pm2) I knew that there were many nice people around.. For sure, there were the whole {OCA} players like LeeBe, jetweb, Puntloos, Zed, Insane K@rr, nix, llama, FrEEzEr and also clanless players like Redman, Sailormoon, Fenerli, Dilara, Tecumseh, AlexE, Edge_DK, Rodion, Veronika, Snoozze etc (sorry, I cannot write all names down here ) and also other Clanplayers like NBS Flakie and VA Midnight. And I wanted to know more about the guys and girls there. And thats why I asked for their clanside and I joined their forums and readed there. I signed in on the 19th june 2002 and this was the first UT Clan Forum I ever joined.

{fok}= friendly OCA killers

On the 18th July I had the idea about a funmatch OCA vs clanless players. Here is the original link to the post for that. If I remember right, OCA didn't played any clanmatches at that time and we were the only ones they fight in a match at that time. Also we build the "interest group" {fok} = Friendly OCA Killers for the clanless players. The idea was not to build a clan, just build a team for the funmatches (which we all lost - as I remember right ) and I wanted to become an OCA. I recruit there at the 28th july - I never was interested in any other clan.
But they stopped recruiting at that time.

{>DJ<} get born

Redman was the first person aside from OCA who became a really good friend to me (and he still is ), in may I recognize that I started to search him and looked if he is online :) So no wonder, he was the first {fok} after me. After OCA didn't let me join in the end of september, Redman and I decided to build a new clan -> cause we don't wanted to join another clan. My best friend Dettchen played at that time (offline) as DJ-Dettchen and I liked the DJ in front. So we thought about what else DJ can mean instead of Disc jockey (he is a musician). And Dettchen had the idea with Death Juggler - and I felt in love with that name and so {>DJ<} was born. The idea was clear, we build a clan based on friendship  - not on skill, like many other clans. Cause what we´ve learned on {OCA} PM Server was, that friendship is the most important thing in the UT Comunity, also that the most important thing is to have fun, not to win. And we all loved to play CtF and JB (Jailbreak - greatest mod ever!)

The first DJ members were Redman, Duke, TecumseH, Fenerli & Dilara, Sailormoon, Rodion & Veronika, Snoozze, Dettchen, killer.dutch.nl, Apollo etc.

I became Clanleader and Redman was the co-leader. We still played on PM Servers, later we decided to get our own, cause of training etc. So we rented our first Server and it was from NGZ-Server.de in november 2002. In december NGZ moved to a new location and they have had some trouble with all for a cup of month..

Many good and nice people joined the clan since the beginning and many good and nice people left the clan. We started to play matches, and we won some and we lost some. After a while we get more and more known in the UT Sniper Community.

private meetings

In summer 2003 I made my vacation at the east sea and visited Rodion and Veronika there. After that both visited me at my home very often :). From the east sea I got over to danmark and there i visited Edge one day. And on easter 2004 we made a big Lanparty at my house and the hall @ my work. Many DJ's came there, also some Dutch Fighters :) It was a great happening - take a look in our picture section. This january 2005 I made Vacation with my son @ Redmans hometown. There I met Deathman also, afterwards he joined our clan.


My Shiftwork started to make problems. Cause I couldn't be online as much I was needed as leader. i tried that Redman became Clanleader instead of me - but he never wanted. He made the most work in the Clan. After we got some trouble in our Clan we decided that we forget the clanleader, we builded the "Senat". The Senat is build out of 5 Clanmembers who decide what happens in the clan etc. Starting Senat was Redman, Tecumseh, Fenerli, Sailormoon and me. Sailormoon quit playing UT meanwhile and Tecumseh have not that time left for ut also. So Tricky and DarkMage got in the senat.

We play in the PIP Ladder (look in the link section) in 5vs5 ZP TDM and CtF and we also play the capzone tournament at the moment.

On the 20th April 2005 we have 31 Members, whith 6 or 7 inactive members in. By the way, we never forgot were we came from, that´s why we still have the password "fok" for our 2on2 Clanserver :)

The most wonderfull thing what I can say about UT is, it's a great community, I never thought that I will find so many friends cause of online gaming.

hope I don't forgot to much and you enjoyed a bit the reading


{>DJ<}Ant               -bring me up-