read the clanrules and don't try to save the great pics!  
UT Snipers at their best


1. {>DJ<} Death Juggler is a friendship based clan.
   Only members of the   Death-Jugglers are allowed to wear the clan tags {>DJ<}

2. Members behave generally as sportswomen/sportsmen, for example:

a.   honesty - Any type of cheating is forbidden. Using aimbots or other helpers are not allowed. If we find out that you are cheating, you will be removed from the clan roster and possibly banned from the games servers. Fair Play is capitalized with us. Typekillings, Teamkilling, spamming and suiciding are not permitted.

b.   treat your clan-members and other players / clans with respect. Think of it, that you represent our clan always on the different servers. When you annoy or provoke others, you not only lose respect for yourself, you cause our clan to lose respect as well.
c.   loyalty - loyalty is the basis in every clan. It cannot work without friendship and loyalty.
d.  dignity - wear your clan-sign with dignity. Protect also your dignity in the game. If you lose, do it with raised head, if you win, do it in modesty.
e. Should you have some problems, go to the forum and post there, or go to MSN or write a PM in the forum, but never try to solve problems on the server during a match. The server is the place of fun!

f. Take a look at the forum at least once a week or better daily. Maybe important appointments or Votes occur..

g. To become a member from us, its not enough to play UT good and skilled. We want active members, who are able to type their wishes and concerns in our forum


3. humor

A sense of humor is very important in our clan. Whoever can laugh from entire heart, simply has more fun in life. We play to have  fun not to be always the best. If you would like to be always the best, search for a clan that is organized accordingly.

These Rules are for playing on our Servers also!

- Mess with the best - die like the rest -